Industries and skills

We work exclusively with the media and creative industry and our client list covers the following sectors:

advertising, pr, publishing, radio, design, brand development,direct marketing, media buying, events, film/tv, research, marketing, digital/new media, broadcast, environmental, sales promotion.

The skills we need:

PA/secretarial/team support good MS Office skills to include Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The majority of media and creative clients use PowerPoint for their presentation work so intermediate/advanced level required. Photoshop, In Design and Quark are also useful.

We would recommend that you get your skills to as strong a level as possible as this will enable us to offer you more work. We have in-house CD Rom training available on MS Office.

Reception experience of switchboards and office based reception work.

Account executive a degree or relevant qualification is alway beneficial along with a good understanding of the industry.

Relevant industry experience is always an advantage.

If you are light on work experience, temping is a good way to boost your CV and keep your skills up to date. This will make you more marketable to clients and help you get interviews.