Terms of business

Our terms of business are set out as recommended by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation). They apply whenever a client employs someone introduced by Harrison Pursey, or hires temporary staff through us. Because the full terms are rather lengthy, we have outlined our fee and guarantee structure here.

If you want to read our full terms of business just shout. They will also be supplied when we take a brief from you.

We always do business on our standard terms unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Temporary rates are also available on request.

Our fees and guarantees

Our permanent placement fee is 17% of the first year’s salary of each employee who is engaged following an introduction by us.

In the event that the employment of a candidate is terminated within the first three months for any reason other than redundancy then you may choose either to have a part of your fee reimbursed or to engage a replacement employee introduced by us at a discounted fee.

Our terms in this respect are as follows:

Termination in calendar month 1: 75% refund or free replacement

Termination in calendar month 2: 50% refund or 50% discounted fee on a replacement

Termination in calendar month 3: 25% refund

We are only prepared to operate the terms of this clause on the following conditions:

1. If you notify us within one week of the termination of any engagement of an applicant.

2. If the invoice for the placement fee has already been settled in full.